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Karate punches

All Punches in Karate

Today, one of the most popular and demanded styles of karate is kyokushinkai, aka kyokushinkai. And it’s not just the bulls, which were killed with one blow by the founder of the style — Masutatsu Oyama and his strong fists.

Oyama managed to create an organization, which brought together all the karatekas who wanted to fight, but they were not allowed to realize this in their schools in full, because Before Kyokushinkai, karate in Japan was more likely not a sport, but a lifestyle, where sports results were not attached much importance.

Whatever one may say, and to restrain and defend against a conditional light blow is not at all the same as from powerful blows, the purpose of which is to hit the enemy on the spot. In kyokushin karate, the main goal is ikken hissatsu, which translates as «one blow on the spot.» This idea has been around since the inception of this style of karate and is still relevant today.

Of course, spoiled MMA viewers will not see much freedom of action in this style, strong punches to the face and wrestling on the ground, but nevertheless, the Kyokushin style allows fighters to express themselves fully within the established rules. This style allows strikes in all three levels — upper (only with legs), middle and lower, and strikes are allowed on any part of the body except the groin and spine.
Although in fairness it should be noted that often these restrictions are very conditional, and in the heat of a fight anything can happen.

Advantages of karate kyokushinkai

Despite a certain amount of rigidity, this style of karate has advantages due to which it has retained its popularity for such a long time.The philosophy of

Karate is not only a sports discipline, but also a philosophical trend that pursues such good goals as respect for your opponent, for your elders, promotes the principle of non-aggression and non-use of force, unless your life and the lives of your loved ones are in danger. In kyokushinkai karate, a very important place is given to the discipline that will help the student not only in the gym, but also outside it.


Karate gives excellent kicking technique. Moreover, such that karate fighters successfully perform in any striking sports and often surpass their rivals, who have a base of kickboxing, muay thai and taekwondo. A few years of intensive training in Kyokushin is enough to acquire and preserve the technique of kicking in motion for the rest of your life.

Effective technical combinations

However, the biggest advantage of karate kyokushin is the amazing combinatorial work of the arms and legs, of course, provided there is good training. It is very important to understand the nuances, to have a trainer who will chew all combinations and give lead exercises to work them out. The possession of the kyokushinkai karate technique turns the karateka into a very dangerous opponent, especially if the karateka «put» the technique of punches to the head. A number of famous athletes such as Slowinski, Pichkunov, Filho, Andy Huga Greco, Feitosa, Pettas, Schilt — their fights in K-1 have always been bright, spectacular, breathtaking. Often these fighters laid down their rivals with their hands, not always even having prepared the ground for this with the help of kicks.

Physical form

Despite all the spectacle of sparring, kyokushin karate is also an impeccable physical form, which is obtained by training all muscle groups. It is in the process of training that there is a large number of exercises that increase strength, endurance, speed of movement, and reaction. In addition, the training also includes the skills of breaking hard objects, most often boards.

Stuffing the body

During a fight, most of all punches are made on various open areas of the body. Such regular stuffing of the body does not pass without leaving a trace, therefore karatekas have a very strong body, capable of taking blows of any force.


Like any side of the medal, kyokushinkai karate has not only pluses, but also minuses in relation to other martial arts.Lack of experience in working with hands to the head

There is an opinion that Kyokushin fighters do not have the skill of working with hands to the head. However, this statement is only partially true. In training, karate fighters practice punches to the upper level (jodan) both in the ranks and on the paws and other apparatus, the only thing is that they do not use them in fights. What we can definitely agree on is the lack of real practice of strikes in sparring and protection of punches to the head.

Rare injuries

As in any other contact sport in karate kyokushinkai, athletes are periodically susceptible to minor injuries, most often these are abrasions and bruises on the body, but in cases where athletes begin to pay serious attention to their combat training and enter the arenas of major tournaments, there is a risk of getting more serious injuries.

Paid basis

Karate classes, as well as the majority of other types of martial arts in our country, are paid, because are not supported by the state and are not included in the list of CYSS. Parents will have to spend money on monthly training fees, as well as on the purchase of all the necessary equipment and sponsor the athlete’s travel to competitions and pay for the change for belts. But as many parents point out, it’s worth it!


Many athletes have chosen Kyokushin for themselves. He is good with the philosophy with the help of which decent people grow up and with the training system, as a result of which strong fighters appear. The pros of this sport clearly outweigh the minor cons.